Fun day in the sand | Vietnam

One of the coolest things about Mui Né is the sand dunes. There are white ones, yellow ones and red ones and they are big and fun. The red ones are the closest ones to town, and sadly there is an evil children mafia making sure to rip off tourists with slay rides. The furthest ones (the white ones) are my favourite, because they are huge and usually completely deserted. There is just no way to accurately capture how large they are in photos.

We hired two motorcycle drivers to get us around for the day, as you do in Mui Né. I usually don’t like motorcycle rides, and this one didn’t give me any zen moments. We were going too fast and I just spent the entire time repeating “everything is going to be OK, we are not going to die” in my head. Good times!

Aside from the red and white dunes we visited a tiny red canyon and the “fairy valley” which is a canyon with a stream that ends into a waterfall. The steam is actually the trail, and so you get a little wet. There was also a view of the fisherman’s village and finishing the day up watching the sun set over the ocean. By the end of it all, sunscreen and sand had mixed into an unattractive paste; we were covered from head to toe in sand. Aside from the fear of dying, it was an incredible day.

the fisherman village



red dunes

the trail: the stream

to the top

pulling in his net


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One Response to Fun day in the sand | Vietnam

  1. Jill says:

    That’s a completely different side to Vietnam than I saw. It’s amazing that there’s so much variety in a fairly small country.


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