All around town | Vietnam

It was Travis’ day to stay “home” and use the computer and my day to go out and sight-see. I hatched-out a plan that would take me to places around town that I hadn’t been to before, and left plenty of room for improvisation. Usually I like to keep sightseeing to 2-4 hours a day maximum, but I had to be out of the room for quite some time today so it was going to be a challenge.

First up was a tiny open-air market close to our hotel. Yep, after our massive market lunch, I hadn’t had enough. It’s not my fault that markets are so photogenic and that Vietnam has so many of them!

squash blossoms


chop chop


On my walk towards one of the major sights I stumbled upon this outdoor grotto dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was a bit weird, but clearly the locals love it.

praying for...

The main sightseeing goal of the day was the Reunification Palace. Travis had gone yesterday and had been impressed – unfortunately it sort of left me cold. The building is giant, and used to be way, way prettier before the war. What was once Colonial beauty is now strange utilitarian concrete… still, the old presidential palace is a place of great importance.

Ho Chi Minh
le cinéma
le salon

After a long visit throughout the entire palace I walked some more and ended up at the big cathedral outside of the main post office. I still had quite some time to kill before being able to get back home; lucky for me there was an English movie theater close by. I bought myself a ticket to see Harry Potter and delighted in the squeals of pleasure from the children watching it with me. It was a nice little treat!

Notre Dame

The sun finally set, I was glad to walk home and get back to my husband. “Alone time” is a nice concept, but we learned that we had done it the wrong way. It’s just not fun being banned from “home” when you really want to relax. At least now we know for next time!


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3 Responses to All around town | Vietnam

  1. Jill says:

    Do you ask permission before you take photos in markets? I always feel really uncomfortable with my large camera in places like that but want to take photos so badly.


    • Magalie says:

      Honestly? Rarely. I found that some places people don’t care (China, Vietnam, Bangladesh), and other places people care way too much (Hong Kong, Morocco). Sometimes I find out the hard way by getting yelled at (Morocco, Bulgaria). Usually though I just make sure that they see me holding the camera and smiling at them, in a way of asking permission first.


      • Jill says:

        I might try your technique next time. In Vietnam they were so quick with the “You buy something???” that I thought they might expect money in exchange for the photo. I did read somewhere (I think Vietnam) in some locally produced literature that you should never give money for a photo even when asked, but then I don’t know what you do when they start yelling and demand it!


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