Crossing borders on the Mekong Delta | Vietnam

There are many ways to get from Cambodia into Vietnam. The nicest way, of course, is doing a boat crossing. It takes you though the infamous Mekong Delta to give you a more intimate insight into the two countries. I had done this tour in reverse back in 2005, and I had adored it. Sadly, nowadays the Mekong Delta tours cost much more and offer less. Still, we were pretty much guaranteed a nice boat ride.

Early in the morning we packed ourselves in a minivan and headed for a private boat dock. We then boarded a tiny wooden boat and made our way down river. The Cambodian side is pretty wide, so the views are not as interesting. Still, it was nice to be on the river, enjoying the nice breeze.

my handsome husband
river living

The boat docked at the border crossing and we did our paperwork. It was all pretty straight forward, and we then boarded a different boat. Finally we entered a skinnier channel of the river, and we were able to observe people fishing, feeding their animals, working and just being themselves. A million pictures of people were taken. It felt like Vietnam right away. And on the river it was quiet and soooo lovely.



fisher king




Eventually we made our way into Chau Doc, the border town. Our tour was over for today, and we were now free to explore the city as we wished.

rice transport

Chau Doc isn’t a very nice city, but it is still Vietnam. Excited to be in Vietnam, we set out to find some tasty street food, ideally pho, for dinner. Eventually we found a lady selling steaming bowls of soup, and we happily dug in.

It’s good to be back!

the first pho


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One Response to Crossing borders on the Mekong Delta | Vietnam

  1. Some nice pictures. I especially like the ones of the fishing nets in mid air.


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