Temple at night | Cambodia

Our time to Sihanoukville had come to an end and it was time for us to head back to Phnom Penh. We said goodbye to our friends and took the bus back to the capital. We would have one day there to explore the city before making our way into Vietnam.

We arrived back in Phnom Penh in time for dinner. On our way to restaurants, we encountered a tiny temple on the side of the river that was full of activity. We decided to stop and have a look: people were busy playing music and giving offerings of lotus flowers and incense. The quantity of offerings was staggering, so much that the tiny temple couldn’t hold it all. As soon as items were offered, they were whisked away and trashed outside of the temple. It was odd to see so much waste of beautiful flowers… We also couldn’t quite make out what the buzz was about, but we narrowed it down to two possibilities. Either the Bon Om Touk Water Festival was still taking place, or this was a sort of memorial for all of the victims of the disastrous stampede that took place a week earlier during the very same festival.

food vendors


thrown away


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