Beach vendors | Cambodia

Sihanoukville may be a little-known beach paradise, but it is no deserted beach. 5 years ago Occheuteal beach was pretty much like it is today: a long beach, calm waters, beach shacks, lots of happy food and even more beach vendors. Now, it’s even more crowded. Vendors here sell many things: foods such as lobster (eat at your own risk), spring rolls, donuts, and fruits; massage, manicures and hair removal; sunglasses (they pronounce it “sun glass”); bracelets and weaved fish and shrimps.

While beach vendors aren’t new to beaches around the world, the Cambodian beach vendors are a breed of their own. They are very determined. They are witty and quirky and just won’t take no for an answer. Many of them are children, who will get very angry at you or even fake crying to get a sale. Most will sit by you and talk until you cave in. It’s not always pretty: some of the children are actually very mean and full of hatred – I had children get mad at me because I knew what a lotus pod was and because I could make a bracelet like those they make on the beach. Still, most vendors are actually quite nice once you get to know them and pick your preferred vendor. For example, I only purchased mangoes from one lady and massages from another, and they turned out to be sweethearts.

fruit lady
My fruit lady.

beach vendors
Left: a fruit lady. Center: a bracelet girl. Right: Gia, my massage lady.

On one instance of my caving to vendors, I let two ladies remove the hair from my leg via threading. I knew that it wouldn’t work, and I knew that it would hurt – I just didn’t know how much. It turned out to be one of the most painful thing ever, and there were many times that I just wanted to call it quits. There was even a point at which I thought I was going to cry. People stood around, amused at my faces and reaction. Well, I guess that’s what you get for having thick skin and strong hair. In the end, they didn’t do such a good job, so Gia had to help me fix my legs. And just as I guessed it would, most hair just broke off, so they grew back right away. At least I helped the two ladies out, and got some funny pictures out of it!


Travis tried it too, but virgin hair has nothing on years of shaving…

hair be gone


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