Sihanoukville, day one and two | Cambodia

I posted earlier about Sihanoukville, but didn’t post any pictures. So, here they are!

Day 1

hotel pool
thanksgiving dinner

We are staying at the same hotel that I stayed at 5 years ago, and it’s still just as great. For dinner, we ate grilled fish on the beach. A main course, two side dishes, a beer and a desert is $4 USD – you can’t beat that!

Day 2

We went back to where we ate dinner and made it “our spot” on the beach. The owner’s son, Dano, spent a lot of time with us and loves (LOVES!) the camera. Couldn’t resist indulging him!

our spot
Dano playing
Natasha and Dano
Travis and Dano

pink & blue


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One Response to Sihanoukville, day one and two | Cambodia

  1. Natasha says:

    Man…. Danno was awesome and quite the photographer.


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