Sihanoukville | Cambodia

We have made our way back to Sihanoukville, the beach town of Cambodia. I was here 5 years ago and loved it – it was simple, rugged, beautiful and very cheap. I was afraid that it would have changed quite a lot in five years, or even, that it would have been ruined. A town of “happy” anything and free accommodation, how long can it really last before it drowns in tourism?

Well, Sihanoukville has held on pretty well. It’s a lot busier on the beach in terms of chairs and shacks, but otherwise it looks very much the same. Some of the shacks lost some of their shade covering due to a new boardwalk that was put in, but parts of the beach are still deserted. Free accommodation is gone but the happy is still there. The water is still calm as a pool, see through and refreshing. I’m glad that I came back.

Travis seems to be enjoying himself as well – he asked that we stay an extra day and spent hours playing in the ocean on the bouncy castle that they have put in place. We got massages as well… it’s a tough life!

Today we are hanging out by the pool at Orchidée, where we are staying. And yes. I am editing photos out here – not ideal but every spare moment is much needed! Photos will be posted as they become available, which might be in a very long time, unfortunately. The video bellow was filmed with the computer’s camera.


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