Thoughts on venting | Thailand

It seems that my rambling and venting (see here for the most recent example) has been interpreted as my being unhappy, either with countries or areas in general. I would like to clarify: I am not unhappy, miserable and I do not dislike or hate any country / city or region that we have visited thus far. Well, I was pretty miserable during the bed bug incident but even during that time there were great moments and wonderful memories. And so, please take my venting with a grain of salt and as just that – venting.

For example – Chiang Mai. While it was not what I had expected and it is not as lovely as other places I have been, it is still a great city to hang out. It grows on you and it has so many sights to see – a week would not be enough to visit all of the temples around. There is great food and friendly people. Monks in saffron robes are around every corner. And they do have the best burgers of the trip thus far, hands down.

most amazing burger

So see? It’s not because I complain about something or point out a negative that it’s all bad or that I can’t see the good! Regardless, I will try to keep in mind how my writing might be interpreted for any future venting 😛


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