In search of festivities | Thailand

The Loy Kratong / Yee Peng festivities started tonight, and unfortunately we missed the highlight of the entire festival. It’s not for lack of trying though – we asked around to so many people to find out where the festivities were, and no one could give us an answer. Of course there are festivities all around town and in and around every temples and rivers, but I was looking for the motherload.

What’s the motherload, you ask? Well, I’m talking about thousands and thousands of sky lanterns being released all at once, in one area. Here is an example of such a shot, from the Wiki page linked above:

Well, sadly it didn’t happen. Getting those shots was really the whole point of us coming to Chiang Mai, but fate had another goal in mind. It’s fine – it just means that next time I’ll pick a place where we actually know *where* it’s happening. And I do have something great planned for tomorrow!

Anyhow, we still walked around town looking to capture some of the festivities and had a great time.

donation set up

Once we arrived on the Nawarat bridge over the Ping river, festivities seemed in full swing, but in a scary way. There were firecrackers and fireworks everywhere, being handled with no concern for safety. The place was crazy, and we only stayed a little bit before leaving, terrorized and afraid of getting injured. It’s no surprise after seeing this that every year Thais lose hands and limbs during the festival.

rise up
offerings for sale


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