Lanterns | Thailand

Tonight we decided to check out some of the festivities going on for the Loy Kratong / Yee Peng festivities going on. I also wanted to get some practice shooting the lanterns at night before the events really kicked off.

We headed to the main square just outside of the old walled city to check out street food and permanent lantern fixtures.

street food

We also got to see the first lanterns being released around town. Can I just say that capturing those is really, really hard? There is hardly enough light and as soon as they go up it’s near impossible to get them to stay in focus. While shooting and trying different things I met another photographer with better gear (and a tripod), and asked for his advice: sadly he had none and seemed to be having the same problems as I was. Oh well! I’ll just keep trying 🙂


Some of the lanterns have firecrackers on them, so they can make a lot of noise. There are also quite a few firecrackers and fireworks being sold around town, and because of it kept scaring the birds away that were sleeping in the trees. It was really hypnotizing to watch hundreds or birds fly around at once.

bird-shaped clouds


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