Chiang Mai, day 2 | Thailand

On our second day we did even more walking. We went to the main market, Talat Pratu, and a bunch of temples. There are so many temples in Chiang Mai, it would take days to see them all. To know which temple is which (if you are interested), you can click on the image and look at the tags on the Flickr page.





gate details

Wat Chedi Luang is quite a big complex of buildings and temples of different styles around the ruins of a huge chedi dating from 1441. It made for a very interesting (and huge!) place to explore.



Wat Phra Sing was next, another huge complex of buildings. This one was my favourite by far: it has a cool crystal Buddha that can make it rain (apparently) and stunning old frescoes. While I was there I also got into an hour-long conversation with a monk, just after I was telling Travis about how monks in Laos love to talk for hours!

friendly monk



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