First day in Chiang Mai | Thailand

After waking up in the train this morning we still had further to go, so we sat by the window and watched the world go by. I love just sitting on trains, staring out of the window!

break time
blue umbrella

We arrived in Chiang Mai in the early afternoon, and Travis went off to find ourselves a room. It proved to be a little difficult because of the upcoming festival, but he eventually managed to find us something well located and cheap. Yay!

After settling in and grabbing a bit to eat we decided to go explore a little. We found a cute little market close to our house selling beautiful fresh produce and good looking grilled fish. I love the way that they bend the little ones, it makes them look almost cartoon-ish!

grill lady

grilled fish

Exploring a little further we went into our first temple (called wat here), which was getting ready for the upcoming festivities with some garlands. The name of the temple was only in Thai, so I’m not sure what it’s called!


On our walk we stumbled into more temples – the one with the golden stupa is Wat Phan On and the one with the elephant stupa is Wat Chiang Man.

fingers of god

With the light quickly fading we walked home, looking forward to a quiet evening.


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