Into the North | Thailand

Today was our last day in Bangkok, and tonight we boarded a night train to Chiang Mai. We are heading North in search of cooler weather, wilder regions and the photography goodness that will be the lantern festival for the full moon.

We didn’t do much today, but of note:

not same same

Ever since we’ve arrived in Thailand I’ve been having problems with my leg. My left leg is painful, and my foot gets very swollen. I also had this issue earlier this year when we were in Japan, and I have no idea what is causing it. It makes it painful to walk, so I take painkillers and wear a brace on my knee. As such though I haven’t been doing too much walking, but I hope this goes away soon – and for good!


We have found the best pizza ever in Bangkok! Yum!

night train

My hubby in the train, happily drinking beer. Our compartment is packed with foreigners, and this feels, well… foreign to us after Japan and Indonesia!

Good night! 🙂


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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