Bugs, smugs

A little while ago I wrote a post that highlighted all of the things that had happened to me (read it here). I was bitter and frustrated at the time, and I think that it did me some good to write it down. It wasn’t until days later that I came to my senses though. After more ups and down (ups: great days on the beach, downs: 150+ bites of numerous sources over the course of two days that left me insanely itchy) it took Travis getting food poisoning (and my being left unscathed) to realize that I was getting silly. I mean, had the food poisoning happened to me, it might have been the nail in the coffin, the final blow. But it didn’t, thankfully, and I was able to see that I was just focusing all of my attention on the bad rather than the good. I was failing at seeing both side of anything – it was me vs. God and I was loosing. In fact it was just me, with a bad attitude, being unable to roll with the punches and get back into the travel mode. Yeah, bed bugs suck and there is no shinny side to that medal, but so many people walk around with bites… I think that we were lucky because we knew what was happening, we acted quickly and we contained the situation. Roasting the bastards in the sun and drowning them in the pool seems to have worked (for now, fingers crossed), and I’m glad that we were never one of those people who spread the bugs around. I learned with having my bags wrapped-up for about two weeks that I am perfectly fine with even less of anything. And there are worse things in life than bites or colds… at least I am safe, sound, not broken or hurt. And that’s all that matters, no?

Sorry about being such a girly girl in my previous post.


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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One Response to Bugs, smugs

  1. Ginger says:

    We girly girls are allowed to vent. Any time-any where. xoxoxo


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