It’s not that I’m not trying

I know that it’s been very quiet on my end… but it’s not for lack of trying. For example, just now I had a perfectly good, all typed-up and ready to go post on a flash drive and when I connected the drive to the computer, the computer froze. I am now on a new computer, without USB ports for some reason…

Indonesia altogether has been very horrible internet-wise. There is very limited WiFi, and internet is very slow… dial-up slow, plugged in or not. It feels like being back in the 1990’s and it’s driving me crazy! Just the other day it took me 1h and 15’000 Indonesian rupees (about $2 CAD) to just check my emails.

So, I apologize for the silence… it’s not for lack of time or trying. We will be heading to Thailand next, and 5 years ago internet was great in Bangkok, so I can only imagine it will be infinitely better than this! Stay tuned for updates, photos, and the likes.



About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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