Exploring Yogjakarta | Indonesia

For our first full day in the city we decided to explore two sights: the Kraton and the public market.

Our first stop was the Kraton, which is the royal sultanate palace. It is in fact a very, very big complex with lots to see. Outside of the main walls there is also an entire “city” of workers and artisans, which are all part of the Kraton. It makes for a great place to wonder. We were also lucky while we were there to see a traditional puppet show and visit a shadow puppet workshop. It was really cool to see how the puppet I’d had for years had laboriously been handmade!


ceiling detail
floor tiles

ceiling detail
the sultan's guards
the sultan's ladies

Here are the pictures of the puppet workshop. Each shadow puppet is made our of hide, and takes about a week to make. Every details has a meaning, right down to the shapes and the colours. It’s incredible work!

work in progress

After wondering the Kraton for hours and still haven’t seen everything, we were ready for a change. We walked to the pasar beringharjo, the main market. Talk about another huge place! Floors and floors of produce. It was fragrant, with spilled limes and spices out on display. There were dark corners and women sitting amongst piles of dried fish. We also had a great, cheap lunch there – the market is totally worth the detour!

spilled kafir limes

dried fish lady

We finished the day at the internet café, with speeds circa the 1990’s but with tasty food and cheap beer!

being silly


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