Off to Yogjakarta | Indonesia

As it turns out, leaving Batu Karas is just as hard as getting there. To avoid having to take all sorts of transports we opted to pay for a minivan transport to the next city connected on the railway. The transfer cost an arm and a leg, but it did make things easier.

Along our drive back to Pangandaran, the van stopped at the turtle conservation project of Selamatkun Kami Dari Kepunahan. We got to see a few turtles there, but there wasn’t really any information available.


We then stopped for a short rest at Pangandaran, where we got to see the beach in the sunshine and even more crowded with vendors. Along the drive there though we did pass kilometers after kilometers of deserted beach, so as long as you have your own parasol a corner of paradise can still be had.

We eventually made it to our train, a local, rustic one with soft seats. They are by far my favourite kinds, where one can sit with the window open, watching the scenery go by.

Finally we arrived in Yogjakarta and made it to a somewhat affordable guest house. Cold water, squat toilet, fan, directly under leaving and going airplanes and right beside roosters – it wasn’t the best bet, but it worked. Being in the tourist ghetto though meant diversified food options, and we found ourselves eating burgers covered in strong cheese and using WiFi. After days and days of cabbage and carrots in Batu Karas, it was sure nice.


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