Waterfront and Chinatown | Singapore

We decided to explore Singapore’s waterfront, but instead of heading straight to where all of the tourists go, we headed to the start of the waterfront… or so we thought, until we had to backtrack to meet up again with it later. Singapore’s waterfront is mostly impressive by the architecture that surrounds it: fantastic hotels, tall buildings, happening restaurants and patios. It’s all very attractive and although unaffordable to us, fun to look at. For some reason though, most pictures didn’t turn out as I’d wish, perhaps because you are too close to everything.

Once we had reached *the* tourist spot (read: the waterfront bit in front of the merlion and the Esplanade, seen above), we headed into town for lunch and to take a peak at the Raffles Hotel. This time though, we skipped their Singapore Sling.

at the raffles

From there we walked to Chinatown, to check out the area and later have dinner. We explored Sri Mariamman temple and the Buddha Tooth Relic temple, where we saw no tooth. It was quite the temple to visit, with hundreds of Buddhas and amazing embroidered silks.

silk embroidery trompe-l'oeil

Dinner was had at a hawker area instead of a Chinese restaurant per say – we just couldn’t agree on what we wanted to eat and so this was the best solution. I ordered some BBQ pork and duck with rice, and a few baskets of steaming dumplings. Yum! Did I ever mention that I love Singapore’s food?

pork and duck with rice
steamed dumplings


Indonesia update: our original plan was to take the boat from Singapore to Indonesia – it’s only a 40 minute ride! Sadly though Sumatra Island has recently been plagued by over 500 earthquakes and is no longer travel-friendly. Many areas are flooded and without electricity and/or water. Sumatra had long been a dream of mine, but it will have to wait. Instead, we will be flying into Jakarta, on Java Island. We are flying on the 14th, and so tomorrow is will be our last day in Singapore.


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