We landed in country #2, and it couldn’t feel any more different than Japan. For example, last night I was sweating dispite the aircon – the night before, I had been wearing a sweater, wool socks and extra clothes to offet the cold fall of Tokyo.

Today, i am dying in the heat. I’m a puddle of sweat. It’s discusting. If I thought Tokyo was hot when we landed, it wasn’t. This is hot. I’m drenched. My clothes are stuck on. I’m sweating in places I never thought I could, like the top of my arms. It’s overwhelming.

Still, i love Singapore. I’m so happy to be here. It feels like Asia, but like the best of Asia. it’s clean, manicured, like Latin america on crack. It feels like every American’s destination dream, except that there are none and the only downfall is the lack of beaches. It has culture, great food, affordable prices. We are staying in Little India, which feels worlds away. 5 years later, I still want to live here. I still want to be ridiculously rich and live here in a fancy condo building overlooking the city. This place is just amazing.


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3 Responses to Singapore

  1. Laura says:

    You’ve just reaffirmed my resolve to go to Singapore one day. Despite the sweatiness which, well, I don’t handle the heat very well. I’ll have to be careful about what season I go to visit! And make sure to pick a hotel with A/C!

    Miss you. Girls Night was weird without you, I guess we better get used to it though. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


  2. Magalie says:

    You totally should go, Singapore is amazing. You would love it! It’s a food lover’s paradise. 🙂


  3. Great to read from someone who also loves Sg. I do too. This is the fourth year in row that I live here part time (=5 months per year). It is such an easy, relaxed place to live in. Only really expensive (especially our rent) and the humidity is killing;-)


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