A night out in Yokohama | Japan

After 28 days in Japan we were ready to eat something other than Japanese food, and so we decided to head out to Yokohama. Yokohama is a port city close to Tokyo, but what makes it special (in part) is that it has a very large Chinese population. We were looking forward to some tasty Chinese food, and some walking along the waterfront.

First we walked around in Chinatown, working out an appetite. We visited the Kantei-byo temple, a really beautiful Chinese temple in the middle of what must be the largest Chinatown I’ve ever been is (discounting Vancouver as a whole, of course!). It felt really good to see something so different than what we had been seeing – I realized that I was getting ready to move on and explore another country.

chinatown @ blue hour

Chinese food turned out to be not so fantastic (perhaps due to our limited budget), but we were grateful for the change in flavour. Afterwards we headed towards the water, to take a stroll towards the amusement park and eventually, a train station.

At some point during our walk we heard a band playing Country Road very loudly, and we realized that Yokohama’s Oktoberfest was still going on. We hadn’t missed it! We decided to go in and treat ourselves to a beer and enjoy the festivities. We ended up sitting beside some very friendly locals, and had a great time!

drinking hofbrau munchen

By the time we had gotten there the live band had stopped playing, and within an hour the site was closing down (it was only 9 PM). Grateful for the luck of even having found it in the first place, and considering the very high cost of beers, we didn’t mind. We made our way home after what had turned out to be a great evening out.


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