A day on Miyajima Island | Japan

We headed to the island after breakfast, ready to spend a full day walking and exploring the temples, beaches and forest.

group shot

A visit to Miyajima just isn’t the same without a visit to the Daisho-in temple. This temple is huge and stunning, with numerous pavilions and halls that are entirely different from one another. It is tucked away in the forest, a little bit up the mountain and feels like an oasis of calm.

racoondog with coins in mouth


little frog

At one of the main halls we listened to a Shingon Buddhist monk recite / chant holly text, and then talk about religion afterwards. Here is some of the chanting.

Afterwards we walked along a back road over the mountain, and then headed back into town, ready for lunch.

racoondogs really do exist!

garden inside a store

We couldn’t decide what to have for lunch. Since the island has so many vendors selling different types of snack food, we decided to try a few of them out. In all we had about 5 or 6 different food items.

deep-fried cookie
travis with mysterious treat
bbq oysters

With some of the big crowds gone, we decided to visit the Itsukushima-jinja temple, which is also the symbol of the island. The entire temple is built right over the water, and so it gives the impression that it is floating. It also offers a great view of the famous tori gate.


itsukushima-jinja details

At sunset we headed back to the waterfront to catch the sun setting over the tori gate, and then headed back to the mainland.

sunset and tori


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  1. Ginger says:

    Okay, I give up…what is the strange animal standing in the gutter??? It is sooo cute.


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