Miyazaki | Japan

We decided to visit Miyazaki as we had read that it was a surf town. We were hoping for some time by the beach, so it seemed like the perfect idea. Miyazaki though is actually quite an industrial city, and is pretty ugly. It has nothing to do with any surf town we had pictured in our mind.

To get to the surf break we had to take a train out of town, to something called Undo Koen (sport park). From there we would be able to walk to the Kizaki-hama beach, which was supposedly the main surf beach.

Undo Koen is really big though, and so walking through it took some time. We walked past gardens and sport fields and stadiums until we reached the pine forest that separates the park from the ocean.

the path to the beach
little one

Once we reached the beach, it was deserted. We hung out hoping for surfers to show up, but it never happened. The waves were pretty flat. It was still a lovely beach though, but not the chill beach vacation we had been after considering how far we’d have to travel each day for it.

the main road


After a few hours in the sun, we headed back to the train station (as you can see from the pictures bellow, we had traveled very far away from the city for some beach time!). Not having found what we were after, but still determined to get it, we decided to leave Miyazaki the next day in search of a better beach town.


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One Response to Miyazaki | Japan

  1. Ginger says:

    Y’all look so happy frolicking on the beach!!!! I especially enjoy seeing Trav without that funky hat!!!!!!


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