Mt Sakurajima | Japan

I was really excited today: we were going to to Sakurajima island (really a peninsula) and hike around the volcano. It may seem really stupid to get that close to a volcano, especially one that fumes everyday and covers the entire city in black ashes, but I can’t help it. It’s just… so cool!

volcanic ash

We took the ferry from the city to the “island”, from where we walked to the trail head. Our hike today would be an easy one, on a boardwalk along the ocean. There was also a hike that went partially up the volcano, but it wasn’t high up enough for good photos. We opted for the gentler, scenic route instead.

Before getting to the trail, we passed a few temples.

Once on the boardwalk I was really reminded of Hawaii. The rugged coast, the volcanic stones, the vegetation, the colour of the water in places… it was really cool! We explored rocky beaches and took our time along the trail.


Travis' tori gate


nature, taking over

Finally we got to a great viewpoint of the volcanoes, but sadly we couldn’t see the plume.

We turned around before reaching the end of the trail: we were hot, sunburn and out of water. Back at the beggining of the boardwalk though is a very large thermal public bath, so we first enjoyed foot baths outside and then paid to enjoy the hot pools inside.

foot spa with a view

It was then time to head back – we watched Sakurajima fade into the sunset as we sailed away.

departing the volcano


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