Day trip to Matsumoto | Japan

We took a quick train ride to Matsumoto, a city near Nagano renowned for their castle. Indeed, the castle is listed as a national treasure and has had quite the history.

We decided to walk from the train station to the castle, and passed a few temples along the way. We also walked by quite a few school group, heading to the castle as a school trip.

cutie alert!

We paid our admission to the black castle and found a free tour of the castle, held by volunteers wanting to practice English. The tour was very informative, and we highly recommend it. The castle had more floors than could be seen from the outside, and was mostly empty inside (save from recently added exhibits). The top floor was my favourite, hidden in the roof with a great view of the city.

red bridge

Once our tour over it started to pour – so much in fact that we had to wait a while before walking back to the train station and heading back to Nagano. It had been a good day, but we were tired and wanted to rest well as tomorrow would be a long day on the road.


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