Ontario to Montreal

We left Kenora in the late morning, and our desire to get more miles under our belt overtook our desire to take things slow. It was a long day, but rewarded with a motel room on the side of the highway. Highway 17, the highway we were on, is surprisingly quiet at night, and far from the freight trains. We slept so well!

The next day we left Schreiber early in the morning, and again tried to go as far as we could. The drive on that day was the most spectacular of the trip in my opinion because 1) I hadn’t seen it yet (as opposed to the Rockies) and it’s out of this world. Northern Ontario is stunning, and the landscape is freckled with lakes after lakes. It also follows the Great Lakes, and so you always have something beautiful to look at. Just before Sault-Saint-Marie is the Lake Superior Provincial Park, and that was by far my favourite spot. The lake did not at all look like a lake, but rather like the ocean. The coast was rugged, with blue see through water and big waves. Large sand spits and rocky shores made it even more look like the ocean, and at times reminded me of the West Coast. Along the road there are also stunning boulders of red granite and multiple different colours of marble – there are towns up there that use granite as gravel since they have so much of it. The landscape though, after Sault-Saint-Marie, went downhill pretty fast.

That night we slept in North Bay, home to the Dionne quintuplet museum and the worse motel we spent the night in thus far. The place looked like it would have been the ideal setting for a horror film. Needless to say that we left as soon as we could the next day, and being already close to the final stretch we made it all the way home to my dad’s house.

It was really nice to arrive at our destination, and to be somewhere that we knew and with people that we knew. Johanne, my step-mom, cooked us a scrumptious meal of eggplant Parmesan and mustard rabbit. After 6 days of crappy roadside food, this was heaven!

The next day we unpacked the truck and piled all of our belongings in my dad’s basement. It was weird to see all that we own piled there – it really isn’t much “stuff”. I felt even more homeless, but I think that it was mostly in a positive way. The nice wedding rings were exchanged for travel bands, and now it’s official. We are living out of our bags, as we will for the next two years.

Yesterday was the final trip, where we left my dad’s house and went to my mom’s, just outside of Montreal. This is where we will stay until our flight to Japan on Friday morning.

Today and tomorrow will be spent trying to sell our truck and doing all of the other tasks that we didn’t get to back in Vancouver. It will be busy days, but I think that by the end of them we will be fully ready for our trip and will have nothing left to deal with or worry about.


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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