Saskatchewan to Ontario

We ended up camping in Qu’Appelle, a small Saskatchewan town with a French name that makes no sense and kangaroos signs everywhere. The campground was somewhat odd – a converted nursery into a RV park with a wedding site on board. It was called something along the “oasis of the prairies” or some other nonsense… Yet again, we were rioght by the train tracks, and the trains kept coming throughout the night.

We set off early this morning, and drove right on through Manitoba. I was surprised by how much trees there are in Manitoba – it’s not always how we picture the prairies. Sightseeing done: none. Cool sight of the day: an entire wind mill being transported by train, in pieces of course.

We are now in Kenora, a small lake town in Northern Ontario. It’s stunning here, and the town is quaint but it feels like it’s aimed somewhat at older folks with their 2 hospitals and nursing homes. It is nice though how all of the store have docks, and people can boat from their homes directly to, say, Shoppers Drug Mart.

We treated ourselves to a waterfront room at the Best Western – it will be nice to be warm, take a long bath and sleep in a bed. The view is stunning too, of the town and the lake and we had front row seats to the sunset. Can’t complain!

Tomorrow we plan on sleeping in, finding a breakfast spot in town and easing up on the driving. We’ve done a lot of mileage thus far and it will be nice to stop and enjoy the scenery!

PS. Hi Canada. Please turn up the heat.


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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