Packing: Travis vs Magalie vs Boxes

Travis is quite the efficient packer: he’s really a guy in that department. He was all packed and ready-to-go days before me, and days before needed. Yeah yeah, rub it in, hubby!


You can read about what he brought with him on his blog.


I was packing up to the last minute. I had a pile of stuff going for a while, and I sort of knew what I was taking, but I was actually packed and ready-to-go hours (maybe one hour?) before leaving. Part of the reason was that I’m a procrastinator, part of the reason was that I was still using some of the stuff. And then there was the “I hope I can fit this in” pile, which mostly didn’t happen.

what's in my bag


And then of course there’s the other packing – the one we’ve been working on for months. We’ve gone deeply into downshifting (maybe too much?) and after much hard work, almost everything has been sold, donated or given away. So, what are we keeping? Well, not much really! 10 boxes and a few extra items on the side is all that’s left of all of our belongings (minus the mirror in the picture – we really didn’t keep that!). These boxes were ready-to-go for the most part before our backpacks were packed.

the final boxes


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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