Getting down to the wire

Wow, there are only 14 days left until we leave! And there are still so many things that we, or I, need to do… not as much around the house, because almost all of the furniture is gone and other things are getting done one at a time, but more on the nebulous computer-related front. I’ve been working at updating the previous posts on this blog, to add tags and categories and pictures – basically to just organize everything. I need to update my wedding blog… there are a lot of things that need to get posted on there. I also want to catch-up on all of the pictures that I still need to edit and upload. Basically what I’m trying to achieve is as much of a clean slate as possible before hitting the road, to not feel behind or stressed and to just focus on the moment. I have a mountain of work and only a few days, but anything that I can get done now will help me a whole lot in the end.

Other than that, I’m still having issues trying to figure out how to fit all that I own in 5 boxes, and I’m getting to the point where I’m not sure anymore where to cut. For example, I’ve already filled 5 full bags of clothes to donate, but I still need to get rid of about 1/2 of what’s left and I’m having a hard time parting with items that I love. I get the point of some of the downshifting, and there are a lot of things that I had that I really didn’t need. But now I’m getting to the point where I’m feeling that I’m just getting rid of things that I’ll just have to buy again later – and it feels like it defies the purpose. Anyhow, in spite of how it’s making me feel, I’m getting it done.

Example of random things that got thrown out yesterday: my high school graduation cap. Even better item: a scarf that I started knitting in grade school, and never finished. No regrets there, expect for hanging on to them for this long!

On another topic, I have still been unable to find an insurance solution for us. Does anyone have any suggestion for insurance coverage that extends 1 year? Help would be much appreciated!

And finally, I have booked our hotel in Tokyo. After much research we’ll be staying at the same hotel that I stayed at last time around! It wasn’t the best location but it was the best option. And at least I know exactly what to expect!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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