Going, going, gone

Just a quick post to say that things are selling and moving, slowly but surely. I barely have anywhere to sit anymore or put things on – the floor (and the apartment) is really started to get messy. It’s good though, it means for less things to deal with in the end and more money to put towards our trip. Here  are awesome pictures on the living room and bedroom (don’t you just want to come over and visit?).

As well I have started to go through clothing and knickknacks to eliminate. It seems though that everything is my “first run through”,that I can’t get the task done on the first go. I’m not sure why I’m dragging this on because I really don’t want to deal with it later! Particularly time consuming has been the letters /  cards / postcard boxes. I had two full ones, with pretty much everything that I’ve ever gotten in them. I read every item – it was long but interesting. Ex-boyfriends and people I don’t even remember were easy to get rid of. Other items were harder, but after considering each item’s merit I think that I kept the most significant pieces of the bunch. This includes postcards from 1988 and party invites from 1986. So what if I’m keeping odd things!

Also time consuming is my clothing… since I don’t have a dresser anymore and am living out of boxes I felt that it was a good time to start on this process. I didn’t get far, but that’s to be expected since I tried on every item. Criteria: 1) does it fit, 2) is it flattering and 3 should I be wearing this. Items that didn’t cut it were, for example, old clothing items that  got in elementary school. And that still fit. But that’s no excuse. Only a few people will appreciate the following photo, but yes, I still had this. And yes, I still wore it. And yes, it fit and was still in good condition. I’m sad to part with this, but it will live on in photos (circa ’88 or something) and in my heart.


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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2 Responses to Going, going, gone

  1. Ashley says:

    Best way to get rid of clothes? Invite the girls over, commit yourself to coming out in everything you own and we tell you whether you keep it or not….honestly I do this with my sister all the time and she’s ALWAYS right…


  2. Magalie says:

    Oh wow, do you gals seriously have that much time? You might be underestimating just how many clothes I have! But I might need to take you up on that…


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