The bed fiasco

I have been busy lately posting items for sale on Craigslist, responding to related inquiries and making time for people coming to look at the items. There has been successes, duds, no-shows and 1 fiasco.

See, we have this great Ikea bed frame, that we put up for sale. In the listing, I go on to explain that the bed can be taken apart to facilitate moving, etc. It had been assembled / disassembled numerously before, so I figured that I was right. Well, the lady who was coming to buy it asked me to start disassembling it early so that it would be ready right away when she’d arrive. Well, she never showed up, but I guess that it was a good thing because it turns out that I no longer had the correct Allen key to take it apart. Off to the store I went, and bought a Allen key set. Well, as it turns out I was only able to get 4 of the 8 screws out, as the remaining 4 do not want to move. But this isn’t a question of strength: the last screws are getting stripped. It seems that the screws are made of really cheap metal (go figure) and that the Allen key is stronger – when you try to unscrew it, it just peels the metal off like butter.

So. I’m now with a bed that is partially disassembled and I have another prospective buyer who is willing to have a look at it and see if we can get it out of the apartment in one piece. Result: I had to leave the bed as-is and sleep in this mess. Now, this makes for a mattress on the floor with the frame around and above the mattress… or an adult-version of a crib. Not fun to get in and out of, and not ideal to sleep in.

the bed fiasco

Fast-forward to today: the prospective buyer showed up with his dad, whose reaction was “sorry buddy” and wouldn’t even try to move the frame. So. I now have 1 month to enjoy my now reassembled bed and try to figure out how to get the frame out of my apartment.

Any suggestions? Otherwise it might be crowbars and hammers and whatever it will take to break it apart.


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