Last chance Vancouver

Because we are leaving this beautiful, amazing city for what could be forever, Travis and I both had things that we wanted to enjoy again before leaving. Although it is a bit hard for Travis to do so since he is away at work so often, it’s much easier for me, being unemployed and everything. Still, we have been enjoying the last of Vancouver for the most part together.

So, what is this “last chance Vancouver” exactly? For us it was a list of activities, foods, restaurants, sights that we wanted to take in again before leaving. Sort of a “last meal” wish, but for a city.

Here is what our (incomplete) list looks like:

  • Eat at Tojo’s.
  • Eat at the Brasserie (done).
  • Eat at Cin Cin (done).
  • Enjoy more goat cheese (done, but ongoing).
  • Camping at Harrison Hot Springs (done).
  • Have another Dinner Club (done).
  • Eat at Nook (done).
  • Hike Mt St-Mark (still waiting for the snow to melt).
  • Eat burrata (done).
  • Eat truffles.
  • Eat bacon (done, but ongoing).
  • Go to the Richmond Summer Night Market (done).
  • Firework (done).
  • Berry picking (done).
  • Enjoy the bounties of the Okanagan (ongoing).
  • Drink some good wines.

I remember that on my last trip I missed the following things from home the most: my bed, my pillows, hot baths (or just hot water or good showers in general) and cheese. I also missed snow and mountains. So I intend to try to enjoy all of these as much as possible, over the course of our final 5 weeks in Vancouver.

Can you believe it? Only 5 weeks left!

Anyhow, here are some pictures from our “last chance Vancouver”!

monday night
burrata dinner

fish pastries


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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