Prevention is the best medicine


Travis and I went to the travel clinic today, to get our immunization and prescriptions organized. I always forget how expensive it is, and to me it would make so much sense to have vaccines covered by the provincial plan. Isn’t preventative medicine more affordable in the long run than the actual illness and all of it’s related cost? That’s just my two cents.

So, I got 4 shots today (including a1 that I didn’t need but the nurse gave me anyway) and 3 prescriptions. As of now my body is trying to get used to tetanus, diphtheria, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, yellow fever and the first round of Japanese encephalitis. I also walked away with the oral version of the typhoid vaccine, doxycycline (my old friend the antimalarial medication) and two types of antibiotics. In all, today cost me around $620 dollar – it’s quite expensive but really worth it if it means that it could save my life, or my quality of life.

I’m feeling pretty good all things considered: my right arm is fine but the left one feels as though I got punched pretty hard. It could be worse, so hopefully I keep on feeling well and don’t get weird side effects (or “vague flu symptoms”, as per the nurse’s explication).


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