Happy birthday to me!

Today I turned 30 – a brand new decade!

a new decade!

“30” doesn’t really bother me, for some reason I am OK with that number. I do have to admit that there are times where it stings a little bit, but overall I took it well and don’t mind it at all. What is a little harder though is being comfortable with being 30 and getting rid of everything everything instead of settling down. I always thought that I would of had children by now, and instead I will be selling almost all of my possessions, vacating my apartment and hitting the road for two years. I know that I am doing what feels right for me, and that this is an amazing opportunity. It just feels like I’m doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing – and there is both good and bad with that.

Another interesting thing is that last time that I hit the road, it was just after turning 25. Looks like I’m starting to have a history of doing big life changes around milestone birthdays!

I am really looking forward to this decade though. I think that it will be amazing, filled with adventure, discoveries and following our heart. I get to travel with my hubby for two years, choose a new country to live in and start our family. Can’t get better than this!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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