It’s getting real

I am counting down the days at work (3 days left, woot!) and so I am still deep into transitioning my job and going through all of my binders, files, training documents trying to figure out what stays and what goes. I also have 4 years of emails to go through – that’s a lot of emails, trust me!

The whole process has just been feeling stressful and draining instead of exciting, which is unfortunate. I just want it to be Friday so that it can be over, and so that I can breathe and stop. Up until today it hadn’t really hit home that this is it, that the end is this close. So close! While I am happy that my last day is coming (or maybe relieved?) I haven’t been excited. I think that I was just too overworked to take it all in… But today, for a split second I felt the reality of. I was deleting folders in my email inbox and my stomach sort of sunk and I saw what I was doing. It was real. I’m actually doing this. I’m leaving behind the longest job I’ve worked at, where I’ve invested so much and grew even more in. A job I loved and was so passionate about, a job that I became overly bitter about but still loved deep down. It’s not just the job though. I’m leaving behind good people, friends.

On Friday, 5pm I’ll be joining the land of the unemployed. Hopefully then it will feel even more real then!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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