Pastéis de nata

before going to Macao with victor, we consulted the LP hong kong world food guidebook to find some good eats. LP said that Macao made the best egg tarts, and so i decided that i was going to try one over there.

we headed out to sweet street, an ex prostitution row turned pastry street that LP likes to call “tart street”, pun intended. we arrived and surprisingly, every shop on the street was shut down except for the big, non “mom ‘n’ pop” one. what happened to the sweets, we don’t know. but we were faced with rows of locked red doors.

we finally found some tarts at the base of the ruin of St Paul’s church, an iconic macanese sight.

the tart was warm, and it was flaky, with a silky smooth filling that had the perfect level of sweetness. it was delightful. this is the kind of stuff addictions are made off.

we continued our walking tour and even managed to find a Portuguese restaurant on the island close by (finding such restaurant isn’t as easy as it sounds) but afterward, we were craving more tarts. so, we hopped on the bus and headed back to the main island’s historical district (UNESCO protected and very charming) to eat some tarts and take in more sights. unfortunately, we arrived there at 9 pm and Macao being the good little christian city that it is, had hardly any shops open. no tarts to be found. disappointed, we started to head back to the ferry for hong kong.

on the way there, we spotted a bakery that was selling some tarts. they weren’t as good, but we were happy to get more of them.

on return to hong kong, i looked at the egg tarts there with a vast quantity of nostalgia. tarts in HK don’t look nearly as good… i wanted the golden brown top of the macanese version. and guess where we found it? at KFC! yes, that’s right! KFC. i never eat there but i made the exception for the tarts. they were greasier but quite tasty. and i curse HK airport for not having a KFC and thus, not allowing me to eat one more satisfying warm egg tart before flying back home.

pastéis de nata


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