Hong Kong, the final day

today was my last day of sightseeing and pretty much went as far away as i could go for sights. both destinations were around the new territories, but the first spot took me around 2.5 hours to get to. it’s a good thing that hong kong is a small place! the first place that i wanted to visit was a tiny 500 year old walled hakka village called kat hing wai. while it was nice to see old buildings still standing, the tiny enclosure so called a village was not worth the trip. and what’s more, while waiting for the bus back, i saw what looked to be a rabid dog, foaming at the mouth and all!

my wildlife adventures continued at the second sight, the 10’000 Buddha monastery (which really has 12’800 Buddhas). on my walk to there i saw a wild monkey and got quite the scare from two very aggressive dogs. and on my walk back from the temple, i saw my first HK rat.

what was great about today was the weather. i got to finally see some blue sky and sun. and to top it off, the humidity really calmed down today and the temperature was perfect – not too cold or hot. I’m glad that i managed to get one nice day out of my 12 full days here! at least though i didn’t get any (heavy) rain that would have prevented me from sightseeing.

tomorrow afternoon i hop on my flight back home. thankfully it’s shorter going back (by 3 hours) and I’ll get to go back in time as i leave at 2 pm but arrive at 11 am on the same day. it’s a lot better that way then the full day i lost on my way over!

entrance to kat hing wai a wonderful smile!
offerings in red count the buddhas! age

And I was finally able to get one of the shots that I was after:

the obligatory shot


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