whoa! i’ve been bored at work lately. i keep reading other people’s blogs and looking a pictures on flickr and somehow I’m envious. see, for some reason people out there are traveling and enjoying life while i sit at my desk. even people at home get the blessing of being pestered with “memes” and lists to complete and the likes. the most occurring of these seem to be the “things to eat before you die” meme (which is pure genius, and I’ve read all 1170 entries, thank you very much) and the numerous variations on the “soundtrack of my life” (thanks victor for being the only one to include zip files!). so, while i hate memes and lists and surveys and the whole whatnot, i’ve realized today while sitting in my cubicle that i was dying for someone to pester me with one. why can’t we bring back the days of email chain “learn more about me” style emails? why can’t people tag me for stupid stuff like this? i obviously can’t just start joining them on my own, can i? that would just be sad…


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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