Overdose de cerf

tonight we went to the terroir restaurant au pied de cochon in le plateau. we took a seat at the bar, which is right in front of the kitchen, so we were right in the middle of the action. unfortunately i was too unadventurous tonight to try anything that makes this place so funky, namely, les abats and le foie gras. instead, i went with le tartare de cerf, which was prepared right before my eyes (as was everything else!). the taste was delicate and fresh, it was very tender and quite good. my mom ordered the steak de cerf avec frites, which came au jus with onions and mushrooms. it also was delicious, incredibly tender and perfectly cooked. the fries were good but not perfect, but the bread was. i was full when i reached half of my plate, but kept eating because it was so tasty. the kitchen started to get quite busy, and it was great to watch the team prepare everything in their tiny place. by desert time, the kitchen was so busy that the action went from entertaining to dizzying. we split a poire pochée avec glace à la vanille, which was light, fresh and tasty. it was the perfect choice after such a heavy, abundant meal. by the end we no longer could eat or drink anything, we were past the acceptable level of fullness but we were quite satisfied with our restaurant choice.

i would eat there again, that’s for sure. everything about the place was fantastic. but for right now, i’ve had way too much cerf.

steak de cerf fries tartare de cerf avec salade

536, rue duluth est
montréal, qc

au pied de cochon


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