Out from hiding

yesterday was another one of those infamous Vancouver gray days but i decided that this was going to be the day that i would step outside and face the world. see, since my return i’ve been staying inside, where it is warm, trying my best to avoid the unavoidable truth that i am no longer on vacation, no longer in a beautiful tropical country, no longer somewhere warm.

but for a spring day, it was warm yesterday. a beautiful 16C, with people outside playing in t-shirts and light sweaters. so i decided to get back to the old routine and do the sea wall walk. from my house back, it’s about 20 km long and takes 2.5 hours to accomplish. i figured, heck, I’m in shape, so this will be a breeze.

well, it was hard regardless! my legs were hurting and my abs too… but especially my feet! i haven’t worn runner or shoes even for the past 8 months + and my feet were just not used to it at all. i should have done it in my sandals, dammit!

the walk was fine though, and it being Vancouver it got cold and windy along the wall. and it rained, of course. it always rains. anyhow, i got to take great blurry pictures of flowers (Vancouver is in bloom!) and gray shots of north van.

demi cercle blurry blooms 1 blurry blooms 4 blurry blooms 5 quiet

on the way back home i saw a sign for dine out vancouver and discovered that it was happening that very same day! dine out is a great concept where you pick a participating restaurant and go eat as you normally would, except that the restaurant gives a portion of the cost of your meal to AIDS charity. every year we try to go, because we both love eating and eating out for a good cause makes it a lot more fun.

while usually we go to cafe luxy (always good!) that’s right beside our house, i suggested that we’d try lickerish further down the road. the place was quite nice and the atmosphere was great, but the food, well, wasn’t spectacular. my scallops were nice but could have been tastier, and my rack of lamb could have been a lot tastier. perhaps it’s because my taste buds are asleep after my trip (it took me 5 licks of the sauce/coulis that came with the scallops to recognized that it tasted like white wine and butter ~ the taste of most mussel dishes. shame on me) and because i’ve been eating New Zealand lamb and mutton which are both stronger… but the meal wasn’t a wow (although i have to say that the wild mushroom sauce was fantastic). and David’s tenderloin was not cooked to his specification… ah well! i might still venture there again to try their tikka massala mussels – intriguing!


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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