Hervey Bay to Magnetic Island

our trip to Frazer island ended up being a very, very wet one. the bad weather stayed in and so every time we had to exit the bus for some sightseeing we got drenched. it was all in good fun though, battling the wind and downpour. we got to see one of many lakes that dots the island. this one though was set on a sand dune with sand that was the craziest shade of white i’ve ever seen… so pure it could glow. the lake was also quite beautiful but the colours didn’t quite turn out too stunning without the aid of the sun. afterward we took a walk in the jungle and then drove up to some coloured sand – pinnacle formations along the beach. it was good to see that since we had missed out on them at rainbow beach due to the high tide. we also checked out a wreck and a creek along the way. on our last outing i was wearing my shell, my nha trang raincoat and had my umbrella to try to stay dry… it kinda worked, thankfully. and we got to see dingos. well, David saw 5 or so, and i saw half of one, but still!

that night we ate a Aussie burger, with all the works, in a small town alongside the highway (we didn’t feel like cooking in the rain). it was funny because the restaurant closed at 6:50pm and kicked us out after giving us our food so we had to eat in the car. regardless, this burger had: beef patty, egg, bacon, cheese, pineapple, lettuce, tomato and… beets. damn Aussies! it was good though, but i have to admit that we both removed the beet.

the next day the weather cleared and we got plenty of sunshine when we got to town of 1770 (yes, that’s the name) and Agnes Water. a beautiful spot really, with great surf (David got to try his luck again) and wonderful water to swim in – warm, and no stingers too!

now my memory is really giving up on me and i can’t recall where we slept or where we woke up, where we went… haha! regardless, it was our 6 year anniversary. it was only mentioned one and was quite different that last year’s, where we stayed at the Ritz and ate at the four season in whistler. we spent that day driving, of course… damn! i’ve forgotten everything about yesterday. right! we crossed the tropics of Capricorn. we went grocery shopping in a small town where buildings were decorated with giant bulls and the customers of the store either had no teeth or those big Aussie cowboy hats. gotta love small towns. we spent the night at a random rest area along the road, where i cooked us some steaks (what else should you buy from a cattle town?) and a salad. due to some freak of nature incident, i managed to cook the steaks to a perfect medium-rare. the new found secret: cooking in the dark.

today we have made it to magnetic island, a beautiful island / koala reserve not too far from the coast in the beautiful great barrier reef. we’re staying at base, a hostel chain ranked by lonely planet’s blue list as one of the top 10 hippest/coolest places to stay. we’ve only seen it in the dark so far, but it is quite nice!

tomorrow will be filled with a much needed break: lazy hours on the side of the ocean and the pool and a mid-day search for koalas. and on Monday, it will be our final drive up to cairns!

camper van cooking success story
leaving the mainland


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