Welcome to Perth, "a city for people"

well, i have left the land of never never behind (that’s how the rest of Australians call the northern territory, but i think that it should be specified to be the land of never never go there without any money or a car), and hopefully as well bed bugs and people who believe that wearing fluorescent-coloured clothing is still cool.

the flight from Darwin to Perth via Broome was very, very nice. i think that seeing the outback by flight was a great way to see it, as you get to see it in a way that you never could from the land (and you avoid the days of driving through “nothing”). around Broome was mostly flooded due to the wet and the last cyclone, but it made everything incredibly beautiful. the land has great patterns of green and blue-ish lakes, as if an artist had taken a paintbrush and splashed water paint around. and the beach in Broome! wow! red sand goes on for kilometers and the sea is such a perfect shade of turquoise-blue… just wonderful. from Broome to Perth, we flew over a red outback, with great patterns as well. this time though, it was as if an artist had applied random large paint strokes on the canvas.

near broome from above

the flight was also great as i had the two seats to myself (and a whole lot more leg room than on my last flight) and so i got to sleep a few hours.

arriving at the airport was quite nerve-racking for me. i was so excited! it was really weird though in a way as well, realizing that i was going to meet my friends, see people i actually knew, that it was my first time visiting someone from abroad abroad, and that there would be people waiting for me at the airport! so cool. Rawinia and Ian greeted me with a big hug and off we were to the sunny city of Perth, deemed by the lonely planet blue guide as one of the most remote places on earth.

so far in Perth i’ve had to pleasure to enjoy a BBQ dinner, wonderful sandwich, beautiful grass (not the warm country type, but the nice “walk in barefoot” type), cute streets filled with shops, amazing mango sorbet, nice views of the city core, and a great firework session for Australia day. and i got to do it all with friends. it’s so wonderful!

my hosts!


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