Cox the night away

well, i ended up going to see Carl Cox with a fellow backpacker from France but after a few hours he was nowhere to be found, so perhaps technically i kinda went there alone… kinda!

being Australia’s day eve, Darwin city seemed to have awoken itself and it’s bars and such were quite busy. the club though where Cox was spinning was not very full when i got there at around 11pm, but i think that might just be due to the fact that the place was *huge*, big enough to make you forget you were in a city of 90’000 people and a territory of only 200’000 (of a size bigger than BC). the club reminded me of gay bars in Canada, with the music, the lights, the multi-levels… hard to explain i guess though!

Carl Cox went on at midnight and it was all quite good, although dancing packed in like sardines is a little difficult at time. it was weird to be clubbing with white people, to not just have fun dancing with the ones around you as you do in Asia but now have to wonder about intentions and the likes. it was just weird… also weird was to see how the girls were dressed… not used to it anymore! cleavage, mini skirts, stuff to get yourself hurt in Asia! anyhow, i had a great time even though i was very tired. he played great house and cool remixes of songs by Sting, Weezer, Blur and the White Stripes. load of fun! quite happy that i went.

the unfortunate thing is that i had to get up early in the morning to catch my flight to Perth, so i was pretty afraid that if I’d sleep, I’d miss my flight. and so i spent another sleepless night… that’s too many of them in the pat week!


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