Outta here!

i have finally figured out (albeit only partially) my plans for Western Australia and have decided to fly out of Darwin and straight into Perth. everything else was too expensive; bus rides, tours… it’s just crazy around here! and so tomorrow, i will finally see the beach city and my friends! it will be wonderful to see familiar faces after so many months of meeting strangers. and i get there on Australia day, so it will be even more fun!

it was getting pretty urgent to get out of here. i mostly can’t afford to do anything and have just been walking around… which gets quite boring considering the “downtown” core only has 3 streets. i’ve been recognizing the locals, it’s weird. i’ve been to the museum and art gallery and that was wonderful. one of the best museum i’ve ever been to, with a wonderfully well detailed ethnographic exhibit. the bird life around Darwin is also quite exciting, everywhere you look there’s a new kind of bird. and the thunder storms are the loudest i’ve ever witness, which is just wonderful. but that’s about that for Darwin itself… nothing much.

anyhow, tonight will be a first. i have purchased a ticket to go see Carl Cox (who i missed in both Bangkok and Singapore). i don’t really fancy the idea of going to a club by myself but i thought it would be a shame to just sit there and not go, considering this is Aussie day eve and i shouldn’t let the fact that I’m traveling alone get in the way. so there, I’m going. but why is he playing small-town Darwin after doing places like Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney? why not do Uluru?


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