I am *so* full right now…

i cooked! for the first time since japan i am actually responsible for what i ate for dinner tonight (and am the only one to blame for eating too much).

it all started with a stop at the local grocery store for some fruits and all went downhill from there. actually, it all went downhill when i found some real cheddar cheese from OZ and then it was decided: tonight, I’m cooking. (conveniently made possible by the communal kitchen in my guesthouse.)

so, i bought pasta and veggies. enough to feed an army! but whatever. the owner of the guesthouse was looking at me funny when i was getting my veggies ready. “big meal”, he said. ha! “cookin’ up a storm”, a fellow guest said. well, cooking for leftovers really! a big stir fry of eggplant, green and red peppers, onion, tomatoes and bok choy on pasta. then covered in cheese. yum! actually, it could have been better, had i gotten some herbs and spices, or bothered to buy some tomato sauce. but heck!

anyhow, i made myself a huge portion for tonight. and it was way too big! i cant believe that i used to eat that much back home… i’ve gotten Asian all-around on this trip i guess. i still ate it all. it was too good to waste. i am way too full now though.



About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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