Melaka, or the art of not visiting a city.

well, an other day in this city (actually, i haven’t even been here 24h yet) and i have still seen nothing of the city, aside from the few streets around the guesthouse which are real boring, the hospital and the mall.

during the night i had more fever bouts, and the next morning i was struggling a whole lot to swallow anything so i decided that it needed to get checked out. so i switched guesthouse first, had breakfast and went to the hospital. the hospital is actually right behind where I’m staying, so it was quite easy to get there. it was really cool there because you could see Chinese, Hindu and Malay working together, and that, well, is so Malaysian and so beautiful. anyhow, i got to see a doctor and she agreed that there was something wrong with my throat… asked if i had tonsillitis, i said tons before, but now i think she was thinking this was left over from that, which is impossible because i haven’t had tonsillitis for like 12 years now… regardless, i was prescribed antibiotics and a rinse, which cost me over 3 times the cost to see the doctor. but thank god for Asia and very cheap hospitals! it’s crazy how much we overcharge back home.

when i got out of the hospital it was pouring like crazy outside, so any plans to visit the city went down the drain. i thus wasted my time at the mall and got suckered into buying a couple things. blah!

anyhow, the good thing about my day is my new guesthouse. it simply rocks! there’s a Japanese/Malay living room, a roof-top patio, a restaurant and nightly movies, a self-serve halal kitchen, hot showers, it is clean (unlike the mouse-feces infested place i stayed at last night) and it smells nice and my room kicks ass. it’s on two levels, with a desk area downstairs and a bed on the top. but not a single bed; a king size bed! i will never want to leave that place. and the staff is half Japanese, so they know how to be polite. just heavenly!

hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and warm (it is quite cool here under the clouds) and filled with Portuguese churches and houses.


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