after too many days in KL i have finally jumped on a bus and headed inland to the Cameron Highlands. the road here was fantastic, looking at the mountains in the distance, covered in jungle and the planted palm tree fields before that. then the road started to go up the mountain, and at every turn the bus had to honk to warn oncoming traffic, and we nearly collided many times. i missed those roads! from the side of the jungle, hanging over the road, where hundreds of purple orchid plants. i love the jungle!

the highlands are fantastic so far. the tea plantations look really nice and the temperature is perfect. it is cool, and i was happy to layer-up tonight. socks, shoes, jeans, sweater… people walking around with scarves on. i missed that a lot. it feels like a nice evening by a camp fire, after a warm day, a cool night. you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket and look at the stars.


today is the 1 year anniversary of the tsunami. the original plan was to spend this day on the coast, somewhere where the wave hit but plans change. in a way, i think it’s a good thing. thousands of families have traveled back to the islands to remember their lost ones. i have seen some of the damage. today would have been a very depressing day. but it is important to remember what happened… it was so tragic.


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