Random thoughts

my back and my arms are covered in bed bug bites. they’re itchy, dammit! i had the room all to myself last night and so i changed bed, thinking i might get a better one but instead i got a much, much worst one. now the room is full and I’m stuck on that bed. good thing my Christmas eve outfit is a long sleeve shirt.

it’s really warm outside. like, it’s 30 degrees everyday, under the clouds (thank god for the clouds). So why is it that all the fancy stores at the mall insist on selling their entire collection, including wool sweaters, winter jacket, hats and scarves? who will buy that here??? although i have to say, they were beautiful jackets…

i went to Batu caves today. the couple from Chile told me that they were beautiful. it was just another cave. with Hindu sculptures inside. good thing it was free and the bus ride there was cheap. I’ve learned that I’m not a big fan of caves. just like i’ve learned that I’m not a big fan of monkeys. this place had both.

welcome to the batu caves it's a long way up! ganesh

yesterday i wanted to go see King Kong while i was at the mall. i started to stand in line but the line was ridiculously long and it seemed like it would take well over an hour to reach the counter, so i gave up. good thing because by the miracle of piracy, my guesthouse was playing the movie last night. it’s not as good as i had hoped… they really made it look like an old movie, but they added colours and fancy stars. oh well!

on the bus we passed a Chinese restaurant that had dumplings. i thought of getting off the bus just for them but i was full at the time. so tonight i went to Chinatown and asked around for dumplings, which most Chinese people didn’t understand. so it seems that my only option is morning dim sum at this random coffee shop. maybe for the 25th! we’ll see.

chinatown at night

Kuala Lumpur is obsessed with Christmas music.


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