Trang wetness

i took the minibus to Krabi this morning and asked about going to Malaysia. i was told that all of the buses were sold out but that there was no guarantee that they were even going to leave. regardless, the lady told me to go to Trang and see from there if it was possible to go south. like an idiot i listened to her, thinking that i could get lucky. or something.

i told myself that no matter what happened it would be alright because i already knew that things were bad. well, somehow it still got to me when i got in Trang and realized that i was stuck here and should have gone to Phuket instead. a waste of money, really.

the highway is a tad flooded driving here. the side of the roads, though, are really bad. it’s like the entire region is under a big lake. there’s no way to go south from here. they weren’t lying.

Trang is a pretty ugly town, and a very Chinese one. all the signs are in Chinese, I’m staying in a bizarre Chinese hotel that smells like Chinese food (which they don’t really serve at the restaurant downstairs) and looks like it was done in an old school or office building. the buildings are ugly and old. it’s raining. everything is pretty much closed, including the tourist information stores and tourist stuff like dive shops. farangs (there aren’t many of us here) all looks confused and wonder the streets looking for something to do but there’s nothing. even hardly any restaurants.

we all look like we’re stuck here. and we want to get out.

anyhow. tomorrow i am heading back up and going to Phuket. from now on, it seems (and according to the weather network) that everywhere i go will be wet, rainy and depressingly unlike what I’m looking for. like there’s no end in sight…


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