F*cking hell

in my last post i asked the rain to go away.

obviously it didn’t listen to me and so today i found myself watching more movies and taking a walk on the beach in the rain (it really reminded me of Tofino…). it was cool to just lie in the sand and feel the rain hit my face. hurray for big 25 cents raincoats.

when i got back to the guesthouse i asked about the bus to Kuala Lumpur. I’ve had enough islands (read, islands in the rain) and so i might as well head there first. all was going great until the staff called to reserve a seat for me on the 20 hour journey. one of the nice ladies here returned to me and said “i am sorry, but you cannot leave tomorrow”. i just looked at her, waiting for the explanation. “there is water in the roads up to here”, she said, pointing to her shoulders. the highways are flooded. no car, buses or train can make way pass Trang, a few hours south of here. apparently it’s been like that for a couple days. i tell her that i have to leave tomorrow because my visa expires tomorrow. we look at each other and we both start laughing. I’m quite stuck here. surrender. she recommend that i go to Krabi to get a visa extension from the immigration office there, but i know the obstacles: tomorrow is Saturday (they’re not opened on weekends) and they take numerous days at processing extensions. and they cost money.

so basically i can sit here and wait for the rain to stop. maybe in a week, she said. who knows.

or i can fly out. i can fly cheapest out of Bangkok on the 23rd or from Phuket on the 21st. strangely it costs about the same for me to get to Phuket or BKK from Ko Lanta.

regardless, I’ll be staying illegally in a country for the first time in my life.

i don’t know what to do: wait and save money, but risk being here for a very long time. or book a flight, pay more but be sure to leave.

damn monsoon. i planned everything around you and you had to stick around to ruin my plans!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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