Rain rain go away…

yesterday i noticed that the wind was blowing from within the island – not from the coast as it usually is. this meant that the monsoon rains and typhoons that have been plaguing the east coast were arriving… yet it didn’t sink in that this could be pretty bad.

we had rain yesterday, light rain, which was fine. but during the night heavy rains moved in and it hasn’t stopped since. i have thus watched Lord of The Rings – Two Towers, the hours, Elf and Romeo & Juliet so far… my head hurts and i think i might have a nap before more food and movies. maybe I’ll even eat fried bananas again; they’re delightful here.

rumors have been going around about the raining season and it seems that there’s no end in sight to it until early January. so, i have decided to skip the Malay islands and go straight to Kuala Lumpur. at least there, if it rains, i can go shopping, visit tall buildings and religious temples and go see King Kong. then I’ll do the highlands and if the weather clears, i will then head back up to the islands. I’ve found pretty cheap tickets for Bali, so who knows. I’ll see how things go.

this means though that on the 17th I’ll be on one very, very long bus ride… I’m not really looking forward to it at all. and the ticket price! ha! but at least I’ll get rid of this freakin’ rain. so much for this being the “peak” season…


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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